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Why Your Baltimore Wedding Needs A Professional DJ

Choose the best professional wedding DJ with Golden Productions!

Choose the best professional wedding DJ with Golden Productions!

Weddings can be expensive, and you may be tempted to hire the cheapest entertainment option you can find. While you don’t need to spend an extreme amount on entertainment, you really want to make sure you hire a professional rather than an amateur. Continue reading to learn why a Golden Production’s professional DJ is the best choice for your Baltimore wedding!

Professionals Take Their Job Seriously

While amateur DJ’s are practicing their hobby and taking jobs to learn and have fun, they usually aren’t too invested in making the night as fun as possible for the guests. A professional DJ is fully invested in the pleasing the couple and their guests and will work hard to ensure the night goes exactly how they want it to.

More Experience

With the years of experience professional DJ’s have, they know how a wedding is different than other events. Wedding entertainment requires a special set of skills to ensure the ceremony and reception go smoothly, and how to work with a couple to choose the right songs and mood for their special day. Professionals have learned that being a DJ is much more than playing music, and have the responsibility to coordinate a timeline and create a smooth flow of events, and know how to read a crowd for what type of music to play and when.

Ensure Your Guests Have Fun

An amateur DJ often doesn’t know how to read the room to know what song to play, or if the crowd wants to dance or take a break with a slow dance. The mood throughout a reception changes every few songs, so your DJ needs to know when to mix up the genre. They must also know when to let guests down to a slow song, then bring them back up for more dancing. Providing your DJ with a song list is a good start, but an amateur may not know what to do when those songs are all played. A professional will know how to work around your song requests and keep everyone on the dance floor having a great time.


Need a DJ or Karaoke at your next event? Golden Productions has you covered. If you’re interested in booking an MC or DJ for your summer blowout, then call Golden Productions at 410-356-6444. We will set you up with a professional DJ who will ensure that your event or party is a raging success. You can also contact us on our website for all of our karaoke, DJ, and photobooth options as well as our other services at:http://goldprousa.com. Don’t wait to book your next event! We can handle a wide variety of events from corporate gatherings to big weddings.

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