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The Top Four Questions to Ask Your DJ for a Bar Mitzvah

When organizing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, it is important to create a memorable and fun night for the young person celebrating their night of importance. As such, many celebrations include the musical fun of a DJ, but it can be difficult to determine whether a DJ is the right fit for your celebration. Here are the top four questions to ask and responses you want to hear when booking a DJ for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

How experienced are you with doing Mitzvahs? 

While experience does not always equate to quality, would you rather book an inexperienced DJ for your next celebration or a DJ with years of experience putting on the perfect Mitzvah celebration? Veteran DJs often know how to craft the perfect night much better than rookies, who are prone to committing mistakes or folding under the pressure of a big event. Nonetheless, an experienced DJ is often a hallmark of a seasoned pro who knows the inner workings of the profession.

Do you get the crowd involved?

Any DJ worth their weight is adept at working the crowd and getting them involved with the proceedings of the event. It is hardly any fun to attend an event with a DJ who simply stands on the stage and rarely talks back and forth with the party-going crowd. Instead, a good DJ will often yell, holler and dance among other tactics, with all serving to increase the enjoyment of everyone in attendance.

Will you create a timeline of the night for special activities?

At a Mitzvah celebration, there are a couple fun moments which may interrupt the normal proceedings of a DJ. Again, a good and understanding DJ’s purpose is to serve the needs of the organizers, and they should try their hardest to create an accommodating timeline which allows special moments like a candle lighting or a dance on the dance floor. A good DJ will understand the nature of the celebration and adjust their approach as such.

Will you provide any other entertainment for the celebration?

While a DJ is a perfect element of entertainment for a Mitzvah celebration, there are some guests who may not care for that type of entertainment, or who can get bored easily. If that happens, is there a backup entertainment plan to keep guests engaged in the event? Many DJs can bring other options such as photo booths, which allow guests to take photos which will make them remember their night of fun.

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