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The 5 Main Types of DJ’s

A DJ is an abbreviation for Disk Jockey. Just like any other career, there are different methods and styles you can choose within a given career path. For DJ’s, the five main types of DJ’s are Club DJ’s, Mobile DJ’s, Radio DJ’s, Producer DJ’s, and Turntablist DJ’s.

Types of DJ's

Club DJ’s

A club DJ keeps the party going at nightclubs, bars, parties, etc. The great thing about hiring a live club DJ is that they can adapt to the crowd. A club DJ is not only responsible for playing music, but for keeping the crowd engaged and entertained.

Clubs typically have a large DJ booth for live DJ’s to mix their tunes.

Mobile DJ’s

For those in search of a live DJ for your wedding or big event, a Mobile DJ is the type you are looking for. Mobile DJ’s travel and perform at a variety of venues and events.

A wedding DJ will keep the night running smoothly, announcing transitions and keeping everything running on schedule. Mobile DJ’s usually charge based on a combination of location and the number of hours worker.

Radio DJ

When you turn on your favorite radio station on the ride to work in the morning, you are listening to a radio DJ. Radio DJ’s strategically pick out playlists for listeners and broadcast it through radio waves, but also have talking segments in between music.

They keep listeners entertained with a combination of good music and engaging discussion topics!

Music Producer DJ

These DJ’s work with recording artists to produce music. Often times, they use programs to mix and rework songs so that they sound good for the client. They will combine different instruments, sounds, and beats to create a tune for their artists to rap or sing over.


A Turntablist specializes in utilized the features on a DJ booth to remix songs. Turntablists completely change the sound of a song or even create new songs with their skills.

They utilize special sound effects and mixes to create a unique beats and sounds. These are the type of DJ’s you will hear making cool sound effects as they play music.

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