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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Planning Mitzvah Parties

As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for planning the best mitzvah celebration possible for your child. Every party is bound to be good – your son or daughter celebrating their birthday surrounded by all their closest friends and family. But every party is sure to have minor hiccups along the way. The secret to turning your mitzvah parties from good to great is by avoiding these common planning mistakes.

mitzvah parties

Not planning enough activities

The mitzvah celebration has been a tradition for thousands of years, which means a standard formula has been developed. There is typically food, music, dancing, and a variety of games.

But, it takes a lot more than that to keep the attention of a room full of teenagers. Renting a photo booth, arcade games, or a unique arts and crafts project are all great ways to keep your guests having fun.

Do not separate the party

A variety of activities to choose from is great, but it is important to remember to put all these options together.

Many mitzvah planners make the mistake of choosing venues with multiple rooms and designating each room for a specific activity. For example, one hall for the buffet and tables, one room for the photo booth and karaoke, and another room for the dance floor.

The best venues are the ones that have a large room that can accompany all the activities in one space. This encourages all your guests to stay together and interact, which allows everyone to partake without missing out.

Do not bore guests with speeches and videos

Your son or daughter is coming of age, that is certainly something to be proud of and celebrate. But do not make the mistake of forcing your guests to listen to never-ending speeches or watch an hour-long video about how proud you are.

Share your love with a short and simple toast. Or create a slideshow of photos to play during the event. The slideshow will allow everyone to view the photos on their own time.

Picking an uncomfortable setting

When planning a mitzvah celebration, or any event, it is always better to consider the guests rather than the aesthetics.

If you have always wanted a rooftop party or to celebrate under a tent, consider the time of year and time of day. It is probably not the best idea to book an outside venue during the winter months or the rainy season. Do not make the mistake of compromising your guests comfort for the appeal of the “perfect” venue.

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