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How a Corporate Game Show Night Can Benefit Your Company

game show service corporate team buildingIt has been a long hard year and you made it, but your staff is demoralized. They’re tired, despondent, and grumpy. So you want to do something to reward them, and energize them at the same time. Host a corporate game show night. With a good game show night you can build teamwork, test your employees’ knowledge, and most importantly give your team the fun time they deserve.

Build Teamwork

The game show night we provide can be an excellent method for building team work in your company. Based on how you set up the teams you can encourage interoffice cooperation or competition. For example, if you wanted your design staff to work together and communicate more, you could put them on a team together and make them rely on each other taking turns to answer trivia questions.  Or, let’s say you wanted to inspire more competition between your sales people to drive up sales, you could pit them against each other and offer small prizes to the winner.  You could arrange the teams in any number of ways to benefit cooperation or competition among your departments. You could use the game show night to test employees with leadership potential, or find out who is best at following directions. The possibilities are endless.

Test and Educate your Employees on Work Knowledge

A trivia game show night is a great way to test your employees on their work knowledge in a fun and memorable way. By making questions about company policies, or history, the event stays work related and relevant. And based on how your employees answer can see which of your employees has read their hand book and done their training.  For your employees who don’t know the answers, the game show has the added benefit of presenting the information in a fun and memorable manner, so that they’re more likely to remember it when you grill them on the subject the next day.

Have Fun

The most important thing about having a game show night with your employees is that they have fun.  All work and no play can kill employee morale, so it’s important to give them a break once and while, but a game show night from Golden Productions keeps it work related. Being able to see their coworkers at a work related event that isn’t work gives them a chance to get to know each other, and when your employees now each other they’ll work together better.

Want A Game Show Night for your Baltimore Company?

Call Golden Productions. Golden Productions has over 25 years of experience in the Game Show Industry and can set up the perfect Game show night for you and your copany, check out our website here. Golden Productions is a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME), and the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association (BADJA). To get started with your party started, call us at 410.356.6444 or visit our website!

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