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Is Dancing Actually Good For You?

Whether you’re the most talented dancer in the country or your moves are a little rusty and you keep to yourself, everyone loves dancing every once in a while. While it is simply a fun way to enjoy music, dancing also serves another important purpose of being good for your overall health.

Dancing improves your health

There are several tangible benefits of dancing, both in improvements for your physical and mental states.

First, dancing offers a mental reset and escape from the many issues and stresses of daily life.

A number of recent studies have found improvement in participant’s moods after they took a break from whatever they were doing for a quick dance.

Dancing also served to increase confidence in young people who danced, and it also served a benefit for the elderly as well. The gentle exercise of dancing and cognitive stimulation have been shown to help keep both the body and mind sharp in old age.

Also, dancing can be a workout if you want it to be. The great thing about dancing is its customization, where one person can dance quickly and the other can dance slowly, depending on their mood and simply what they prefer to do.

But if you choose to have a long dancing session, perhaps at a concert or musical event, the prolonged movement can be a good cardio workout.

Similar to an activity like running, dancing gets the heart pumping and the increased blood flow results in better muscular endurance.

Dancing also serves another health benefit as a fun and social activity to engage in.

Dancing itself is regarded as a very fun activity, and there is also the potential to share in the experience with friends and family.

Along with that, events such as concerts, parties, or receptions serve as fun times to hear live, loud music in a crowd and presents the opportunity to move your body to the sound and join in the dancing experience.

Researchers have found dancing in a group increases overall enjoyment, especially if your group members are positive and supportive.

The fun of a group activity such as dancing is always multiplied when enjoyed with good people.

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