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What DJ Skills Make for a Great Baltimore Entertainer?

While some may think that the only talents a DJ needs are the ability to put together a playlist and answer requests, the truth is that it takes a lot more than booting up a media player and smacking shuffle to make it in the DJ business, especially in a scene that’s as vibrantly competitive as Baltimore. Golden Productions is here with the skinny on the necessary DJ skills that make for a superior Baltimore DJ.

Musical Knowledge

Perhaps the most obvious, yet often overlooked, DJ skill is possession of a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the latest musical trends, as well as classic tunes, and current top 40.

The wider your musical knowledge, the more employable you are as a DJ. The Baltimore entertainment professionals with the greatest DJ skills will be sure to stay on top of the most popular music in the area in genres both inside and outside their own interest.


A DJ is not just a player of music; they are a live entertainer, a musical show. The most memorable DJs, ones who will get hired again and again, are the ones who can engage with their audience as a person with style and charm.

A Baltimore entertainer with high-level DJ skills will know how to assess an audience and interact with them on a level that is appropriate for the occasion, while still employing their own memorable stage personality. A good attitude and generally positive disposition go a long way towards cultivating DJ skills.


A musical performer with excellent DJ skills knows the importance of being able to manage and perform several actions simultaneously. Great DJ skills mean being able to modify pitch, volume, fade, gain, and other effects all at once, while keeping the crowd engaged and paying attention to how your audience is reacting, or what the mood of the room is at the moment.

Smooth Switching

A Baltimore DJ with excellent DJ skills knows that being able to mix and match beats when switching songs is crucial to a seamless musical transition. A great DJ will be adept enough at matching up bass lines that audience members won’t be able to tell where one song ends and the other begins.

Looking for a Baltimore Entertainer with the best DJ skills?

Golden Productions only employs musical professionals of the highest caliber, entertainers with the aforementioned DJ skills, and much, much more. If you need entertainment services for your next party or event, look no further than Golden Productions.

We have over 25 years in the business, which gives us a ton of experience to make sure your Baltimore event goes smoothly. Our staff has young enthusiastic DJ’s as well as experienced veterans to take your party to the next level. Contact us at 410.356.6444 or on our website. 

Golden Productions is a member of the National Association Of Mobile Entertainers (NAME), and the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association (BADJA).

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