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Do I Need a Host For My Wedding?

A majority of our event packages include two different types of entertainers: DJ and host. While the DJ focuses their attention on providing music and audio, the host works to engage with the wedding crowd.

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Add structure to the reception

During the wedding reception, there is normally a pre-determined timeline. But in all of the excitement and craziness, guests will not be paying close attention to the program or the time.

The host will make sure the night runs smoothly by making all necessary announcements and reminders. This includes when guests should take their seats when meals will be served, first dances, cake cutting, and tossing the bouquet.

Without this direction, weddings can easily become disorganized and confusing for all involved.

This commentary is not only important for guests and the wedding party but the caterers as well. Many caterers and servers depend on the host for an updated timeline. For example, if the first course was originally scheduled to be served at 6:00 pm, but the ceremony ran 30 minutes late – the caterers would wait to prepare the first course until the host directed guests to their seats.

Avoid awkward moments

As much as we plan and plan for our wedding day, there is nothing we can do to avoid slight bumps in the road. If an unanticipated problem arises, the host is trained to handle these types of occasions.

With a loving personality and a great sense of humor, the host can easily navigate to avoid awkward and unplanned moments.

Let’s say the photography session was running over its scheduled time. Rather than have the guests sit in uncomfortable silence, the host can use that time to engage with the crowd and lighten the mood. Not only does this allow the guests a better experience, but it also gives the newlywed’s peace of mind knowing their family and friends are being taken care of while documenting this memory.

Encouraging guests to have a good time

A wedding host’s job does not stop there. Once the reception is off to a good start, the host makes sure that the party keeps going and everyone is having a good time.

There are many points throughout the night that showcase why a host is needed to energize your guests. Once the guests take their seats during special dances or meals, they are less likely to get up and return to the dance floor on their own accord. This is especially true for friends and family members that have not seen each other in a while – they are tempted to continue sitting at their tables to catch up.

Hosts can energize a crowd by urging everyone back on the dance floor, leading dances, or even pulling people up from their chairs.

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