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Tips For Having Entertainment at An Outdoor Event

When it comes to event planning, it is always better to expect the unexpected. This is especially true when hosting an outdoor event. To avoid common outdoor event planning mistakes, be sure to follow these simple tricks and tips.

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Consider the venue

The first step in any event planning process is choosing a venue. When venue shopping, keep an open mind about entertainment placement and accessibility. This will help lead you in the direction of the best venue.

Look for a venue with the most flexibility and accommodations. If you do not know what to look for, start by asking yourself the following questions: Does the venue offer enough space for the DJ to set up? Is there enough room for the speakers? Is there a designated dance floor for guests? Will the guests be able to see the DJ and other entertainers?

If the venue is oddly shaped or cramped, then that might not be the best venue for you.

Consider the power supply

Even if you are attempting to host a “distraction-free” event, there needs to be amenities for both the guests and entertainment. This includes high-speed internet, power outlets, extension cords, surge protectors, and everything else that might be needed.

While DJs have a large collection of songs, they might not have every single song ever made. If the DJ gets a song request for a song they do not have downloaded – the DJ needs access to reliable high-speed internet in order to satisfy that song request.

Depending on the size of the outdoor venue, various speakers will be needed around the perimeter to ensure all guests can enjoy the music. Power sources will be necessary for each of these additional speakers.

Without a dependable power supply, the music might shut off unexpectedly – ruining the vibes of your outdoor event.

Provide coverage if possible

It is always a good idea to provide coverage for your entertainment when outdoors. This can mean providing a pop-up tent or planning to position the entertainers underneath a canopy.

Coverage serves to not only protect the equipment from the elements but also the entertainers. On a hot summer day, it can be dangerous for entertainers to stand out in the hot sun all day. A tent or canopy will protect the DJ from overheating or getting sunburnt. Plus, direct sunlight for an extended period of time is never good for technology.

Even if the forecast calls for a high of 75 degrees, and there is not a cloud in sight, there is always a chance of rain. If it does start to rain, the equipment will be protected.

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