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What Should Your First Dance Song Be?

A wedding is a day of memorable moments and special times to share together between the bride and groom, but one of the best and most special traditions is that of the first dance.

It is a fun time at the wedding reception for the newly married couple to take a moment for the two of them and kick off a night of dancing and musical fun.

However, it can be difficult for a couple to find the right song to dance to in their big moment. In order to decide on the perfect tune, here are a few guidelines to follow.

First Dance

Songs With Significance

The first thing to consider is whether there are any songs that have a specific significance to your identity as a couple.

Perhaps you heard a song on your first date and it stuck with you, or a memorable dance you had previously done. Or maybe one of your favorite songs from your childhood which defined an era of music for you.

Whatever it is, try to think of something which both of you could identify with and makes sense to be played in a defining and emotional moment for the both of you.

If nothing immediately comes to mind, that’s fine too- not every dance needs to have a super emotional song with tons of meaning in your life.

Slow or Fast Dance Songs

The next thing to consider would be what type of song you want then, either slow or fast. There’s no right answer to this one, as it is completely up to the married couple.

Some prefer to shuffle together slowly to a relaxed tune for a quiet, intimate moment, while others may want an up-tempo song that they can really get moving to.

Depending on whether you want a slow or fast tune, you can come up with anything that fits your individual interests. However, if nothing comes to mind, your wedding DJ is a great resource to ask for tips and advice and song suggestions as well.

Experienced DJs will have done many weddings and seen which songs work well, especially if you give them input on the type of song you might want.

They should be able to provide a list of suggestions for you to examine, and even if none of them seem quite right, it’s a great starting point to see where you are learning in terms of songs.

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