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4 Fun Ideas for Your Themed Party

Who says that themed parties only have to be for children? Tap into your creative side with your next party by coming up with a fun theme for guests to look forward to. A themed party makes it easier to shop for specific decorations and you can even have a dress code to match! Here are five fun ideas for your themed party.

All White Party

themed party

This popular party theme adds an element of elegance to any event. It’s a good idea to contrast the colors of the decor with what the guests are wearing. For an all white party, darker decorations provide a beautiful contrast and enhance the aesthetic of your event.

In addition, the guest(s) of honor could wear opposing colors than the theme. If you don’t want to risk getting your all white outfit messed up, you can choose any color as a theme for your party.

Game Show Night

themed party

For a unique twist on a themed party, try setting up a game show night! We all loved watching our favorite game shows on T.V, so give your guests the chance to play!

Golden Productions offers game show equipment such as buzzer podiums and projector screens to give your party an authentic game show experience. Spruce up your themed party even more with prizes and party favors for the winners!

Hawaiian Luau

themed party

Tap into your inner islander with a Hawaiian luau themed party! This is great for summer parties and receptions, better suited for an outdoor event. Colorful decorations, hanging lanterns, and tropical leis are all essential for a Hawaiian luau fiasco! Turn on some island music, make some pina coladas, and enjoy your Hawaiian luau themed party.


themed party

To put a mysterious twist on a classic party, turn your event into a masquerade. Guests are required to wear a mask of their choice and have to keep it on for the entire night.

Get a feel for everyone’s creative side as they choose and customize masks that reflect their personal style. A masquerade themed parties gives people a chance to be themselves without any risk of judgement!

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