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Game Shows Are Great for Any Baltimore Party!

Game Show Parties

Everyone’s a winner at a game show party!

Game shows are great for bringing your family or co-workers together, building morale, and celebrating! Golden Productions offers a huge array of different types of game shows, encompassing any game show that you may be familiar with. If you’re not happy with the existing selection, we can create a customized game show just for you! There are options to make everyone happy. We maintain two game show packages. First, there’s the four-podium “Game Show Mania”, which is a “punch-button” style game. With this option, four to eight people can play simultaneously. Alternatively, we offer a Big Screen TV Game Show set. This set allows you to play games in the style of game shows you know and love, like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud. Here are just a few ideas for how you could utilize game shows for a unique and memorable party.

Birthday Party

A birthday party is an opportunity to celebrate one particular person, and there’s no better way to make the party a raging success than by playing a customized game that’s all about the birthday kid! Your child will be delighted when his or her friends compete to answer questions like “What is John’s favorite color?” or “Who is Jane’s favorite band?” Game Show sets are even great for adult birthday parties, with questions like “How many parking tickets has Bob gotten?” and “What is Gina’s favorite hobby?”

Corporate Holiday Party

Your corporate holiday party will be a hit with a game show. Hosting a game show party is a memorable and fun way to celebrate the holidays. Your employees and co-workers will enjoy friendly competition as they answer holiday-themed questions to a game show that is customized with your company’s name. You can make the party an even bigger hit by offering a tempting prize for the winner, like a cash bonus or an extra day off!


What better way to celebrate an anniversary than by laughing with your family as you celebrate your marriage? Imagine playing the “Not So Newlywed Game” as your loved ones celebrate. Kick the festivities up a notch (while also saving money) by also booking a DJ and Karaoke! Your family will remember your anniversary for years to come.


Golden Productions

Golden Productions has over 25 years in the business to make sure your Pompano school dance goes smoothly and your students remember the dancing, music and fun for years to come. To start planning your school dance today, call Golden Productions at 410-356-6444 to learn about our DJ and photo-booth services and more. If you are ready for a raging success, you can also contact us on our website.

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