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Host a Baltimore Party With Karaoke Rentals from Golden Productions

karaokeEverybody loves karaoke night! But instead of going out to the bar and sharing the stage with strangers, why not host your own karaoke night at your Baltimore home? Plan a karaoke party with your friends and have fun, listen to music, and enjoy good company. Need help planning? No problem! Take a look at this list so that you can make sure your party is complete:

  • Make a stage. Create space in your Baltimore home for the stage area. Set up LED or Christmas lights around the space, and set up tables and chairs in front of the “stage” to create the same atmosphere as a club or bar.
  • Begin with familiar songs. Set up the music so that a few familiar songs will come on first. This way your guests won’t be completely uncomfortable with singing in front of all of their friends. For the first couple of songs, assign “back-up singers” to make guests more comfortable. You may also want to begin by picking names out of a hat, so you don’t have to worry about people being too shy to sing first.
  • Create song cards. Write down a list of about 5 song choices on index cards and pass them out to the guests. This way, they can check off which song they want to sing and give it to you. By knowing which song is coming up next, you can cut down wait time between songs.
  • Finger foods. You don’t want to serve full meals if guests are continuously getting up to sing. Make the atmosphere of your Baltimore karaoke party more casual by serving finger foods. Guests can eat between songs, and won’t have to worry about their meal getting cold while they sing.
  • Beverages. Offer alcoholic beverages like beer and wine to give your party more of a karaoke bar feel, but also be sure to offer sodas, water, and non-alcoholic options.
  • Prizes. To motivate the guests to sing, offer prizes at the end of the night. Give out silly prizes for things like “best diva” or “best impersonation”. Create enough categories so that each guest can win a prize.
  • Rent equipment. So now that you have all of the details planned out for your Baltimore karaoke party, you need the equipment! Lucky for you, Golden Productions has everything you’ll need. If you’re hosting a small party of about 25 people or less, our “All-in-One” package is perfect for you. It includes one large speaker, a karaoke player, two wired microphones, and about 2,500 songs. Larger packages are also offered. 

So what are you waiting for? Start getting those invitations out, and contact Golden Productions to rent your karaoke equipment today. For more information about our different karaoke rental packages, check out our website here. Golden Productions is a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME), and the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association (BADJA). To get started with your karaoke rental, call us at 410.356.6444 or visit our website!

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