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Tips For Hosting A Successful Game Night

There is no better excuse to bring your friends together than for a game night. Game show entertainment can be used during any type of celebration, from corporate events to fundraising events and mitzvahs to parties.

Not only does the key to a successful game night lie in the game itself, but it also requires good planning.

successful game night

Invite an Appropriate Amount of People

There are many different types of game shows – each game offers a different way to play. Some games require single players, while others pin two-person teams against each other.

Depending on the game show you choose to play, make sure you have invited an appropriate number of guests. For example, if you are planning on competing in teams of two, be sure to invite an even amount of people. That way everyone has an equal and fair chance to play.

Hosts also have the choice between a two-podium and four-podium set. A two-podium set would be the better choice in a smaller group set in a smaller space. If you choose a four-podium set, anywhere from four to eight people can play at the same time.

Finger Food

On game night, easier is always the way to go. With all the excitement and moving around between turns, it is much easier for players to grab finger foods.

It will prove too difficult to serve a full dinner course, complete with flatware and china. An array of appetizers, chips, dips, and pizzas will be perfect for your guests during the interactive game night.

For an added bonus, provide a low-maintenance dessert, such as cake or donuts. These types of dessert please the gamers without causing too big of a mess or distraction.

House Rules

Even the best of friends can get a little competitive when it comes to game night. Whether you are hosting the game show at your house or corporate office, it is always a good idea to set some boundaries and house rules before the games begin.

Common house rules can include the following: no swearing, no yelling, no speaking out of turn, and no patronizing. Providing a written list and going over the house rules beforehand can save a lot of time and hurt feelings.

Game nights are meant to be a fun experience for everyone. The house rules allow the hosts to ensure that is a reality.

Get Personal

The best part about hosting game night with Golden Productions? Our personalized services!

Common game shows have their charm, but nothing compares to playing a game customized for your group of friends.

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