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Karaoke 101: Choosing the Perfect Song

Karaoke is a great way to bring people together and have some fun without worrying about what anyone thinks. However, finding the right song to sing isn’t always an easy task. Besides, you don’t want to sing the same song you chose for the last 3 karaoke parties. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect karaoke song!

choosing perfect song

Familiar Songs

Picking a song that you know the words to helps out a lot when doing karaoke. The karaoke screen will display the lyrics for you, but it can be hard to figure out the tempo and pitch with an unfamiliar song. You’ll be more confident singing a song you know by heart and this confidence is enough to make the audience love your performance.

Gauge the Audience

When choosing the perfect song, first get a feel for the crowd that’s there. You can typically tell when an audience starts to get bored of the same song genres. Pick a song that will keep the crowd energetic and engaged.

If the past few songs have been slow, pick something more upbeat. If you’re at a more intimate karaoke party with friends, choose songs that everyone knows!

Stay in Range

Though it can be tempting to go for a song that hits all of the hard notes, be mindful of your voice range. The perfect song will be one that complements your voice and range rather than strain it.

It’s good to start with songs that are lower in pitch and work your way up to higher, more difficult notes. Singing a song within your range will make you feel more comfortable in your performance.

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