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How do Karaoke Green Screens Work?

green screenGolden Productions is well known throughout Baltimore for our excellent karaoke service, particularly our green screen music video production which puts you and up to four other friends in a live music video fit to your favorite songs. But how do green screens work? What’s behind the technology that put the fellowship in Mordor, Batman in Gotham, and Spider Man atop skyscrapers?

Chroma Key

Green screens work via a process called Chroma Keying which allows filmmakers to isolate and remove or replace a single color with other footage or still images. The one caveat being that the selected color is removed entirely, meaning anyone onscreen who accidentally wore green that day is going to be missing a couple body parts. Green screen technology has existed in one form or another since the early 1940’s, where it was originally used to achieve the classic “wipe” transition so commonly found in golden-era Hollywood productions.

Why Green?

Actually, for a long time green screens weren’t green at all, they were blue! The reason for this is blue is the farthest color from natural human skin tones. However, over time green became a more popular selection because in addition to be far removed from natural human skin, video resolution is naturally higher in the green channel, and green backdrops require less lighting because the human eye has a natural sensitivity towards the color.

Green Screening for My Karaoke Video

As green screen technology has become more accessible, its uses have become more diverse. Golden productions has access to top quality green screens, cameras, and karaoke microphones to make you and your friends the star of your own music video, belting out all of your favorite tunes. At Golden Productions, we have a library of over 140,000 songs for your party to choose from. Duet it up on any of the songs with our multiple microphones (up to 4). You’ll also get a free DJ service when you hire us and our state of the art sound system with vocal enhancement for your party or event! To talk to a DJ about your Baltimore karaoke event, call us at 410.356.6444 or visit our website!

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