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Why You Need a Live DJ for Your New Year’s Party

The new year is less than a month away! Have you made any new year’s plans yet? If you are hosting a new year’s party this year, keep in mind that music and entertainment are two of the most important aspects of your event! If you were planning to just use your phone to play music, you should rethink that decision. Here is why you need a live DJ for your new year’s party!

new year’s party

Themed Playlists

Whether you want your New Year’s party playlist to include all the top hits of 2019 or want to include the best songs of the decade, a live DJ can help your vision come to life!

Live DJ’s will create a playlist based on your interests and suggestions to keep the crowd dancing all night. They also know how to read a crowd and adapt the music accordingly, so that guests don’t get bored at any time throughout the night.

Hosting Abilities

A live DJ can do more than just play music. In fact, they can act as the spokesperson for your New Year’s party! If you want to include segments for games or toasts, the live DJ can turn the music down and announce any transitions throughout the night.

A live DJ can also talk to and interact with guests throughout the event to ensure that everyone is having a good time. Use your live DJ to do the final New Year’s countdown and announce the New Year to everyone in the room, accompanied by a celebratory song!

Peace of Mind

One of the greatest things a live DJ can provide you as the party planner is a peace of mind. If you are operating the music yourself, then you will have no time to actually enjoy the party that you’ve worked so hard to plan. A live DJ eliminates the stress of having to put together your own playlists and potential technical difficulties along the way.

They will put together the perfect playlist for your party and have the tools to adjust the playlist as needed throughout the night! This leaves you to entertain guests and enjoy the party you’ve worked so hard to put together!

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