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What to Look for in a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah DJ

mitzvahYour child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a milestone in their lives, marking when they become an adult in the eyes of Judaism. It is not only a celebration of responsibility but also opportunity and the future, and is a joyous occasion. Because it is such an important mile stone in your child’s life, and your life as a parent, you want to make sure the celebration is the best it can be.  You rent the perfect place to host the party, you get the best catering, and now you need the entertainment. But choosing a good DJ is more difficult then picking out a nice looking place with a dance floor and a food that you like the taste of. A good DJ is more then just his song selection and equipment, though that is important. On top of having excellent equipment and music selection, a DJ needs to be experienced in the running of parties, and be sociable.  The DJ’s and Party Hosts at Golden Productions all have these qualities, and we guarantee will help to make your Bar/Bat Mitzvah one you will remember.


Golden Productions has been a force in Baltimore entertainment and DJ services since 1988 and we’ve been doing Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s since the beginning. For our Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ services we provide experienced host and board DJs who know how Mitzvahs go. They work together to perfectly time music, events, announcements and dances for the flow of a party. Most importantly, they know when to draw attention, and when to sink into the background.


Our host and board DJs are all sociable, can gauge a party, and can engage with wit and charm at the level of the entire party, or a more personal individual level.  By being sociable, and engaging, they encourage people to be the same, and keep the party alive. This is especially important considering the age group. Even though the Mitzvah celebrates your child’s rise to adulthood in the eyes of Judaism, if you put a group of thirteen year olds on the dance floor and you’ll see how they are still young and childish. A host DJ is excellent in terms of leading the kids in fun safe dances that everyone can participate in.


In addition to our experience and sociable DJs, our Mitzvah package comes with professional concert hall speakers with a minimum of 1200 watts of power, three to four wireless microphones, and DJ table system. Our system are digital, with a huge storage capacity, and the ability to play CDs. You can choose music form a selection of over 250,000 songs, with everything from current chart toppers, to music form the 1930s. In addition to this, you get karaoke free, as part of the Mitzvah package. You don’t have to use it, but it’s there if your child or their friends want to sing along to their favorite songs.
You can also arrange for an array of special lighting from Golden Productions. You can choose anything from laser lights, LED lights, spot lights, disco balls and fog machines. And all at prices that blow other light rental companies out of the water.

Hire Golden Productions to be your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah DJ

If you need entertainment services for your child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, look no further than Golden Productions. We have over 25 years in the business which gives us a ton of experience to make sure your Baltimore Mitzvah goes smoothly. Our staff has young enthusiastic DJ’s as well as experienced veterans to take your party to the next level. Contact us at 410.356.6444 or on our website. 

Golden Productions is a member of the National Association Of Mobile Entertainers (NAME), and the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association (BADJA).

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