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How to Make a Memorable Graduation Party

As the calendar turns to early May, it is quickly becoming graduation party season for families across the country. Whether graduating from high school or college, graduation parties are fun times to bring family and friends together to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduate.

With the expectation of entertaining guests, it can be difficult to piece all the different parts of the day together and create a great time for everyone.

There are some general guidelines and suggestions to follow in order to make a memorable party for the graduate.

Graduation Party

The first things to take into consideration are date, time, and location. Many people opt to hold their parties on the day or weekend of their graduation, and that is a perfectly fine decision to make.

However, if you are concerned some of your guests would be unable to make the party if they want to celebrate other friends’ graduations as well, it can be fine to hold the party on a different date.

Ideally, the party shouldn’t be too far removed from the actual graduation, so try to keep a three-week window for timeliness.

As for the time itself, it may seem obvious, but try to avoid morning or nighttime hours. Anytime after noon is fair play, but the most popular times for graduation parties are between 4-8 p.m.

The location of the party is also quite important, but pretty much any large space will do if needed.

A popular choice is simply the graduate’s family’s home, but a restaurant, outdoor space, party room or event center can all be great choices depending on how large a group you need to accommodate for.

The last important details to pin down are food and entertainment. The food can be catered to individual tastes, but try to make it accessible enough so even the pickiest of guests can find something to enjoy.

As for entertainment, a great option to consider is a professional DJ. Music can light up any party and it will do wonders for the atmosphere and getting guests to come, stay for a while, and have fun for hours.

The graduate and their friends will certainly appreciate the chance to hear some of their favorite songs while sharing a good time with each other.

If you are looking to arrange entertainment or a live DJ for your graduation party, look no further than the services offered by Golden Productions.

Our group of experienced DJs will get your party started and keep it going for hours with a variety of musical selections sure to please guests.

With additional entertainment options such as custom game shows, your guests will enjoy a wide variety of exciting options.

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