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How Music Can Improve Your Mood

Music is truly one of the world’s most universal and widely popular inventions. Cultures across the world and throughout history have relied on music for countless reasons, and that continues to this day.

Research suggests that listening to music has a number of medical and psychological benefits, especially as it relates to mood and regulating emotions.

As such, listening to music can be a great strategy for improving your daily outlook and creating a better mood for yourself.

When you listen to music, your brain interprets the sounds coming and releases the chemical dopamine as a result.

Of course, dopamine is the chemical tied to motivation and pleasure and while it is present in many other human processes, it is not only activated while listening to music but also prior to it as well.

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Release Emotions

Music is also important for helping to release emotion in a healthy way.

No matter what emotion you are feeling, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger or others, music is there to help you identify with others emotions and pursue your own as a result.

Listening to emotion in music has been shown to help increase empathy and understanding of how others feel.

Additionally, when you listen to music that reflects your mood, it will help you feel better since it simulates the feeling of someone agreeing with you and helping you with your feelings.

Music Can Improve Your Mood

And while listening to music which reflects your current mood is helpful, listening to happy, upbeat music can also help improve your mood.

Studies which had participants actively listen to happy and fast music came out of the experiment happier than those who listened to slow, less upbeat music.

Because of this, some scientists have begun experimenting with music as a form of therapy and healing. For people who have anxiety or dementia, for example, music has been shown to help them regulate their emotions more steadily.

Listening to music has also been tied to having lower blood pressure and more healthy lifestyles if combined with dancing or other forms of physical exercise.

Music can help motivate people to work out in a gym, go for a run, play a game of basketball, or any other physical activity.

Once again, a fast and up-tempo form of music is key in getting people to participate in an active lifestyle.

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