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What Type of Musical Entertainment is Best for a Wedding Reception?

When the wedding is all over with the happy couple finally tied together in marriage, the party is just starting. Most guests don’t look forward to the ceremony itself for fun, but are rather counting on the after-party, or wedding reception to be a memorable evening. There are many factors for what makes a good wedding reception, including food, location, space, weather, and more, but perhaps the most important is music. Musical entertainment sets the mood throughout the reception and can turn a subdued occasion into a fun-filled event if done right.

Musical entertainment

Live Band vs Live DJ

Deciding what type of musical entertainment to have at a wedding reception is a big deal, and the two most popular options both have their strengths and weaknesses. Hiring a live band is one popular option and for good reason, as live music certainly helps people get in the mood.

Interacting with a band can be fun, and they’ll know how to play many classic and favorite songs of yours.

One drawback of bands are that their musical libraries are limited, and even if they know the song you want them to play, their rendition could be far from what you truly wanted to hear.

This is in contrast to the other most popular musical entertainment, a live DJ. DJs have the benefit of being able to play virtually any song just as the artist performed it, but the downside is that you don’t get the same feeling from a pre-recorded cut as you do from a live performance.

However, just as live bands can interact with the guests, so too can a DJ, and for many DJs, this is where they truly excel. Doing fun games between songs, playing dances and getting the crowd involved with requests is a tried and tested way to create a fun evening, and DJs are masters at it.

What About Cost?

Ultimately, many couples don’t have a preference either way and the decision could come down to the most important factor- cost. While it does vary from band to band and DJ to DJ, wedding bands will generally be more expensive.

This is simply because of the personnel involved, as a DJ is likely on their own, while a band can have 3-5 members which all need to be paid, along with all their equipment fees for the performance.

Contact Golden Productions for Musical Entertainment

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