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Party Planning 101: Hosting Tips

So you finally mustered up the courage to host a party rather than just being an attendee. Being a party host is a lot of fun, but typically not until after the party is over. Hosting a party requires a lot of party planning and can easily get overwhelming. Here are some great hosting tips to ensure that your party is a success!

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Plan your Time, then Extend It

It’s easy to say you’ll only take an hour to purchase decorations or prepare the food, but these time estimates aren’t always realistic. No matter how organized and hard-working you are some things just require more time.

A good rule of thumb is to give yourself 25% more time than what your estimate is. Always leave extra time in case life happens and things get behind schedule.

Ask for Help

There is no rule that states that the party host must put everything together. If you are getting overwhelmed with party planning, don’t hesitate to ask for some help. This doesn’t make you a bad party host, rather making you a smart one.

While you’re out shopping for decorations, someone else could be gathering ingredients for food.

VIP List

Put together a list of just a few close friends that you would like to arrive earlier than the remaining guests. These friends can help you finish mixing drinks, setting up decorations, and any other last-minute tasks that need to be taken care of.

Having your friends around before the party starts will help relieve some of your anxiety and populate the room so it looks better when guests arrive.

Set Clear Boundaries

If you’re throwing a party at your home, make it clear whether or not you allow shoes inside the house. At a venue, you may want to announce a few etiquette rules at the beginning of the party to prevent any unwanted charges or fines.

You also want to set a concrete end time for your party so that people aren’t lingering around when you’re ready for bed.

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