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How to Plan a Successful Bar Mitzvah

For young 13-year-olds, a Bar Mitzvah is a very big deal, and it can mean a lot to the young person to have a fun and successful celebration of their newfound adulthood.

As such, Mitzvahs do require a good deal of planning and preparation so they can go on without a hitch. In some ways, the planning is similar to that of a wedding, both in content and in intensity, so if you haven’t planned a Mitzvah before, here are some key tips to help you on your way.

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Decide on the Theme

First, and most importantly, you need to decide on the essential theme or style of the event.

This should be heavily influenced by the Mitzvah-goer themselves, but for most families, this step is more about confirming traditions than starting something new.

Some Mitzvah traditions go back generations, and it’s important to consider those aspects when hashing out a rough idea of what the Mitzvah will look like.

Color is a big part of the theme and rule of thumb should be to leave that to the Mitzvah-goer if possible.

Choose a Location

Once the central theme of the event is set, it’s time to get down to the finer details. No Mitzvah can go on without a place to hold it in, so choosing a location and selecting a date are the proper next step.

There’s no uniform idea of where to hold a Mitzvah celebration, so a variety of price, distance, and overall quality should inform your decision. After the place is set, it’s time to figure out the catering options.

Once again, the option you choose for food depends on individual preferences, but make sure that food is taken care of. Your guests will be truly appreciative.

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

The key element of most Mitzvahs comes next, and that is entertainment. After all, a Mitzvah is a celebration of a young person, and what celebration doesn’t come with music and dancing?

Booking a live DJ is a popular option for Mitzvahs, and many DJs have years of experience playing at such events.

Consider speaking with friends to hear if they have booked a DJ before and use their advice to determine the best fit for your event.

Once all the prior steps are accomplished, it’s time to finalize the guest list and put the final touches on what should be a Mitzvah to remember.

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