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Do School Dances Benefit Students?

School dances are, and forever will be, a highly important tradition to the teenagers that attend. Life as a middle or high schooler can quickly become mundane and routine – school, sports, homework, sleep, repeat.

School dances are special occasions that many students look forward to experiencing. If you are still not completely convinced to host a school dance, continue reading to learn more about how school dances benefit students.

school dances

An excuse to dress up

Let’s admit it: everyone loves to dress up. Even teenagers need a break from sweatpants and t-shirts once in a while.

A school dance is the perfect opportunity for students to feel fancy, dress up, look good, and feel even better. These are the photos you cherish forever, even with the braces and peace signs.

Boost morale and sense of community

Throughout the school year, it is easy for students to lose their initial excitement and school spirit. Similar to football games, school dances serves to boost morale and sense of community. It reinforces the idea that school is not just for learning, it is for making lasting memories and friendships.

Plus, there is no better feeling than jumping and dancing around your school’s gymnasium, singing along to your favorite songs. Good music can put almost anybody in a good mood. But no one wants to dance alone – that is why most students force their friends to join them out on the dance floor.

Students might feel awkward or even embarrassed at school dances, but the upbeat music acts as a common ground to help students bond and feel more comfortable.

Promote face to face social interactions

In addition to algebra and biology, school is responsible for helping students build necessary social skills. School dances are known for encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and interact with people they normally would not have the chance to chat with during the school day.

The best part about school dances? Students typically show up in groups.

In today’s social climate, most teenagers would rather text or FaceTime their friends instead of hanging out in person. A school dance encourages students to spend actual time together.

Supervised space for students to have fun

When students do hang out with one another in person, it can be hard for parents or guardians to keep a watchful eye on them.

At school dances, this is not an issue. There is an abundance of teachers, parents, and staff members ready to chaperone the dance to ensure students are having a fun, and more importantly, safe time.

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