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Why Singing Karaoke is Actually Good for You

A classic musical activity, karaoke is a common occurrence at parties, bars and celebrations across the country. Whether you’re a bonafide musical genius or someone who can barely stand to display your singing voice in front of others, singing karaoke is a low-pressure, fun environment where a group of people can share in musical fun together.

While most, if not all, who participate in karaoke will speak of its entertaining nature, practicing the musical game actually has some tangible health benefits as well.

The first reason why karaoke is good for health is because it is a good workout for your organs. While it won’t burn many calories (sorry bar-going karaoke fans), your lungs and diaphragm will go through a strenuous workout when you sing.

As with muscles in your body, working these organs only serves to strengthen them down the road.

Additionally, since you have to take deep breaths to recover from the strain of singing, a regular karaoke practitioner could increase their aerobic capacity with enough time.

Next, singing karaoke is scientifically proven to make you feel better psychologically. While singing a song, especially one you enjoy and are familiar with, the brain releases chemicals called endorphins, which often stimulate positive feelings throughout the body.

Once the endorphins are released, stress levels also go down as the stress hormone cortisol decreases with the increased muscle relaxation from singing. Singing also improves blood circulation and allows more oxygen to reach the brain, which helps foster mental stimulation.

Singing karaoke has some great social benefits on top of the physical benefits as well. Singing karaoke helps boost confidence, thanks to the welcoming and open environment of a karaoke party.

Absolutely rocking a song and turning around to receive praise and applause from a group of friends or strangers is sure to help self-confidence, and will release positive chemicals in your brain as well.

Additionally, when singing karaoke with a group of people you don’t already know, it can be easy to make new friends as you all bond and share in the musical experience together.

And of course, trying to sing songs on your own will help you appreciate the original singer and music in additional ways. Only by trying can you realize the difficulty and challenge of doing what many professionals do on a day-to-day basis.

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