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3 Tricks DJs Use to Get People Dancing

A packed dance floor is the ultimate sign of a great party and an even better DJ. A DJ is so much more than someone who just plays music – they combine skill and musical knowledge to entertain guests and encourage them to get people dancing at any event.

Read The Room

The number one way a DJ is able to get people dancing is by reading the room. Every rookie DJ has made the mistake of pre-planning a setlist before an event and having it fail miserably. Even though the setlist might be great, it might not be right for that specific audience.

Reading the crowd allows the DJ to see what music the audience likes and dislikes. With each song, the DJ can see how the audience is responding and allow this to impact future song selections. If the audience is responding positively to upbeat 90s tunes, the DJ will skillfully add similar songs to the queue. If the dance floor clears every time a slow song or rap song comes on, then maybe those types of songs should be deleted from the setlist.

Take A Request

If reading the crowd does not work, sometimes it helps to have the crowd come to the DJ. If someone requests a specific song, more likely than not, they want to dance to it. By playing the song, the DJ is not only encouraging that requester to dance, but that person will then encourage others to dance with them.

While not every requested song should be played, the right song might be just what is needed to connect with the crowd and motivate people on to the dance floor.

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Secret Weapons

As a professional DJ service, Golden Productions promises to never deliver a generic, pre-planned setlist. But, as any good DJ, we come prepared with our go-to secret weapons that are guaranteed to get guests dancing. These songs are reserved for when there is a lull on the dance floor. For example, after the dinner portion of the night ends and the speeches have ended, some guests might need an extra boost of encouragement to once again leave their comfortable seats and conversations.

Our list of secret weapons usually consists of current chart-toppers or well-known classics. There is nothing quite like a room full of people dancing and singing along to cheesy songs. Once the dance floor is yet again filled with entertained guests, our professionally trained DJs will go right back to crafting the perfect setlist for the rest of the night.

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