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3 Unique Corporate Fundraiser Ideas

A majority of corporate companies partner with local nonprofit organizations to better the surrounding community. Corporate fundraisers not only allow companies to raise money for these charities but also allow them to interact with supporters in a fun and meaningful way. Nowadays a majority of fundraising ideas are tired and overused. That is why Golden Productions has compiled a list of our favorite unique corporate fundraiser ideas for your next event.

Corporate Fundraiser Ideas


It can be fun to get dressed up and attend a formal corporate occasion every once in a while. But there is nothing like getting up early to walk on a beautiful sunny morning – all for a good cause.

The best part about hosting a walk-a-thon is that the entire community will want to get involved, not just your consumers. Companies can make money by charging participants an entry fee. From there, participants can raise additional money through peer to peer fundraising. Companies can motivate walkers by offering a free breakfast, T-shirts, and other swag. Don’t forget to book Golden Productions for your DJ and MC needs.

Karaoke Night

Don’t let them fool you – everyone loves to let loose and sing. A karaoke night is a great opportunity for employees and consumers to mingle and cultivate relationships.

Our state of the art system offers wireless microphones, large monitors, and over 100,000 song selections to choose from. Plus, our vocal enhancement software serves to encourage everyone to take the stage, no matter how good or bad they might be.

In order to host a profitable fundraiser, companies can offer prizes or raffle items throughout the night. Offering a prize for reaching a certain amount of money is another great tool for motivation.  For example, if you reach $1000, the president of the company will get up and sing a ballad.

Tasting Events

Some other corporate fundraiser ideas is a tasting event. Two major objectives: partner with other local businesses and raise money for a charitable organization. Local restaurants, bars, breweries, and distilleries can promote their latest and greatest creations by donating samples for your event. Supporting other businesses is another great way to promote the local community and establish valuable relationships.

Make a profit by charging an admission fee and encouraging guests to donate additional funds by hosting games such as poker, roulette, or carnival wheels. If you are looking to keep the night lively and upbeat, both a DJ or photo booth will provide a fun atmosphere and memories that will keep the guests coming back year after year.

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With high-end karaoke, photo booth, and DJ entertainment, your guests will enjoy a wide variety of exciting options.

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