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The Guide to Wedding Guest Etiquette

Every wedding is different, but there are certain written and unwritten etiquette rules for every wedding guest. If you are attending or hosting a wedding in the near future, continue reading for Golden Productions’ guide to wedding guest etiquette.

wedding guest etiquette

Pay attention to the invitation

Wedding invites are one of the most important aspects of the wedding, for both the couple and guests. Returned RSVPs allow wedding planners to account for the correct numbers of guests. This allows them to effectively plan the remaining elements of the wedding, such as seating arrangements, and catering.

As a wedding guest, always return your RSVP as soon as possible. This will give the happy couple one less one thing to worry about.

Wedding invitations are just as important to guests themselves, providing a wide variety of information.

Pay special attention to your invitation and do not invite a guest unless it says “and guest.” Be sure to fill out the invitation before you return your RSVP. Some invitations offer food choices, song requests, and other important responses.

Wedding invitations are just as important to guests themselves, providing a wide variety of information.

Buy a wedding gift from the registry

Aside from marrying the love of your life, one of the best parts about getting married is choosing your registry. Couples dedicate countless hours adding items to their registry – ones that they both want and need.

The key to a successful wedding gift is choosing one from the registry. If you decide to purchase without taking a look at the registry, you run the risk of choosing an item they already have or buying a duplicate gift.

The registry allows for a personal and meaningful gift every time.

Don’t bring your gift to the reception

Speaking of gifts, you can never go wrong with sending your wedding gift to the couple’s home. The newlyweds have enough to worry about when leaving the reception, they do not want to deal with lugging around a pile of gifts.

Shipping the gift directly will lower the risk of the item breaking or getting lost at the venue.

Talk to everyone

A wedding is a celebration of two families coming together, which often means that some family members are just meeting each other for the first time. As a guest, it is your responsibility to introduce yourself to everyone.

Even though it is one of the biggest nights of their lives, the bride and groom are also focused on making sure everyone else is having a good time. They will be thrilled the see everyone mingling and have a good time.

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