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The Three Most Fun Game Shows to Play at a Party

game showsOne of the best ways to get to know a group of people is by sharing in a competitive experience together, making game shows a fun option to release some natural competitiveness. Playing a game show creates a welcoming and low-pressure environment to have fun while trying to be the best at the same time.

Here are three of the best game shows to play with a group:

Family Feud 

A classic TV game show, Family Feud is famous for its humorous and sometimes risque answers which always get a whole group roaring with laughter. Family Feud is perfect for large groups because one person can play as the host if they want, and up to five players can be on each team. The direct head to head competition of being split into two teams encourages team members to work together, and the concept of the game is fairly easy to explain to a first-time player as well. The interesting and thought-provoking questions always provide for fun solutions, making Family Feud a popular choice.


Another long-running TV show, Jeopardy has been a mainstay in homes across the United States for multiple decades. As popular of a trivia show as it gets, Jeopardy in its television iteration only allows for three players, but as a game show, more than three can play. Jeopardy of course provides the opportunity for contestants to prove how smart they are by showing know much trivia they know. It is not only fun to play because of the inherent challenge of being knowledgeable, going up in competition against friends or other party-goers provides for an exciting game.

Wheel of Fortune

Similar to Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune is one of America’s most popular TV shows and has been on the air for years. Unlike Jeopardy though, Wheel of Fortune is a puzzle game instead of a trivia game. While playing with a virtual wheel isn’t quite as exciting to spin as the real thing, solving Wheel of Fortune’s word puzzles is a great activity for a group. The fun thing about Wheel of Fortune is that none of the prompts are obvious, so the contestants have to work to think hard about the answer. This only makes it that much more rewarding when you solve a tough phrase or expression that no one else saw.

One of the best ways to play popular game shows like these at a party or with friends is by working with an entertainment company to build a highly customizable game show package or rental. If looking to book games such as Fabulous Feud (Family Feud), The Challenge (Jeopardy) or Spin to Win (Wheel of Fortune), look no further than the services offered by Golden Productions.

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