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Get the Triple Play at Your Next Event

It can be difficult to find the perfect entertainment option for your next corporate event, large get-together or party. At Golden Productions, we have the experience in the entertainment sector that will bring you a superior experience.

While most entertainment companies make the consumer choose and pick from a variety of popular entertainment choices, Golden Productions offers an exclusive Triple Play package that couples together the best options for your next gathering.

Triple Play

First, we offer DJ services. The owner of Golden Productions, Neil Goldberg, has been named one of the most talented individuals in the Baltimore area and has years of experience deejaying at events. Our DJs understand the atmosphere of the events they work and have an online library of over eight million songs that allows them to fully customize the musical selections to fit the event. Our 1200-watt top of the line audio system brings a superior musical experience and our musical library of 250,000 songs allows us to cater to every person’s individual tastes and requests.

Second, if a DJ playing music is not interactive enough for you, Golden Productions also offers karaoke for your next gathering. Our talented hosts will get the whole crowd or group into the mood for a riveting karaoke session that lets everyone show off their musical chops. We have a collection of over 140,000 songs available to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find a song they know to heart and belt out the lyrics. Golden Productions can also supply a wide variety of humorous props that add a further layer of fun to an evening of karaoke.

Lastly, the Triple Play package is completed with our extremely popular game show options. Golden Productions offers a wide variety of options including Fabulous Feud, Spin to Win, Who Wants to be a Gameshow Maniac, Deal or no Deal and The Challenge. Most of these games are modeled after popular television shows. For example, Spin to Win is our take on Wheel of Fortune and The Challenge is a trivia show similar to Jeopardy.

At Golden Productions, we recommend game show options for your next gathering. The fun and competitive nature of these options pit individuals or groups against each other and create a work-free, exciting environment. No matter what event you are looking to book a game show for, our options will please your group.

As a bonus, all of our game show options have a high degree of customization. You can add the company name or reason for the event to all of our options, which adds to the immersion level of the game. The Triple Play package allows for you to bring a fun and fruitful game show experience to your next gathering.

For more information or to book the Triple Play package for your next gathering, feel free to visit our website at https://goldprousa.com/ or contact us via email or phone.

Call us at (410) 356-6444 for any further questions.

We at Golden Productions look forward to providing you with a superior game show experience!

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