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What Are the Best Games to Play for a Fun Team Building Experience?

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When bringing a group together for a team-building experience, it can be difficult for an event planner to know what type of activity will make a group closer with each other. Ideally, the activity will be fun and will cause all group members to interact with each other and learn more about the individual members in a positive and memorable environment. There are a few options for such an experience, such as an escape room or a retreat, but a great option that combines fun and competition at an affordable price point is playing a game show with the group.

Game shows are extremely popular across the whole United States and are some of the most-watched TV shows on a weekly basis, with common favorites such as Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Jeopardy attracting millions of viewers and a common fanbase. Popular shows such as these are easy to play and fun to watch, making games in the same vein effective for small and large groups alike.

Golden Productions offers a wide variety of popular game shows, including:

  • Name That Tune: Two players or teams compete against each other to see which can accurately name the popular song faster.
  • Fabulous Feud: Team-based ranking game similar to Family Feud where contestants answer survey questions along with the American public.
  • Spin to Win: Word puzzle solving game which pits individuals against each other to see who can complete the word puzzle first.
  • Who Wants to be a Gameshow Maniac: Ladder-based trivia game where players answer trivia questions which grow increasingly more difficult.
  • Deal or No Deal: The same as the famous TV show, contestants select a case and eliminate others in hopes of winning a big cash prize.
  • The Challenge: Similar to Jeopardy, players attempt to answer trivia questions in varied categories, with the goal being to win more in-game currency than the other players.
  • And many more options as well, such as Minute to Win It, The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game are also offered.

Playing a game show can bring a group together by offering a fun and competitive experience in a laid back setting, which provides common ground for a group which may not know each other before.

If you are looking to arrange entertainment for a corporate event or any get together, look no further than the services offered by Golden Productions. Our game shows will provide a fun and competitive environment which will leave employees or attendees happy and satisfied with the team-building exercise. With a high level of customization as well, the game show can be tailored to fit the needs and atmosphere of the event.

For more information or to book game shows from Golden Productions, visit our website or contact us via email or our fill out our form. You can also call us at (410) 356-6444 for any further questions. We at Golden Productions look forward to providing you with a superior entertainment experience!

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