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Celebrate Summer with an Awesome Karaoke Party

Summer is winding down, but there’s still more than enough time to get in a few more hurrahs. What better way to celebrate the summer than a karaoke party? Make some noise and get your groove on with these tips for hosting the karaoke party your friends will be talking about for years to come.

karaoke party

Make some noise and get your groove on with these tips for hosting the karaoke party your friends will be talking about for years to come!

Have A Theme

From the seasoned karaoke professionals to the nervous novices, setting a theme helps prepare your crew for what’s in store. From musical theater to classic 80’s, or a Beyoncé bash, finding your theme and choosing invitations and decorations to match will set the mood.  

Get Warmed Up

Start the night with games to help everyone prepare to belt their heart out! Song charades, where players have to guess what the leader is humming, is a great way to get your vocal chords warmed up and ready to go. Another excellent karaoke party game is to find a list of frequently confused song lyrics and trivia stye guess the actual lyrics.

Add Costumes

Singing, even in front of close friends, can be frightening for some people. One of the best ways to help lighten the mood and get even your most nervous friends on stage is to have costumes!

The feeling of play and anonymity can help get those everyone involved. This is especially fun if you provide a lighted area with a fun backdrop for photos.   

Set The Stage

Make hamming it up even more fun, creating a small stage is a great way to make the party feel like a big event. Try using a patio, or section of your deck if you’re outdoors, and add lighting to make it more official.

If you’re indoors, clear away the furniture and try setting your stage in front of a doorway with a curtain over the entrance. The potential for a dramatic entrance will make the evening even more fun.

Bring Snacks

With all the singing and dancing you’re sure to need snacks and drinks to keep your party members fueled for the night. Depending on your theme you can tailor your drinks to the party. Just remember that hydration is key to keeping those vocal chords strong.


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