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Marc’s Promise

On August 25, 2006 at approximately 9:19 PM, Marc Goldberg, son of Golden Productions owner Neil Goldberg and his wife, Denise Goldberg, died in an horrendous car crash on Tufton Avenue in Baltimore County, MD. Marc was only 18 years old and full of promise. He was attending Franklin High School in Reisterstown, MD, and would have been a senior this year.

Marc was the kind of kid that struggled with classroom learning, but made up for this with his genius on a computer. Dozens of friends and family members report that their computers would be no more than large paperweights if not for Marc’s prowess and knowledge of computer software and workings.

Marc's Promise

Marc was also in the process of getting a job in an attempt to save money for an apartment that he and his best friend were planning on getting after his school days, the same best friend that was driving the vehicle in which Marc lost his life. Marc was a normal kid who loved “chillin'” with his friends, talking online through various websites (he knew them all) and spending some time with his family. Many of his friends worked for his father’s company, as did Marc on many occasions.

He would argue with his parents, as most teenagers do, but he had a tremendous amount of love for his parents, his sister and his grandmothers, all of this attested to by his countless friends the week following his passing. Over 1,000 friends, family and well wishers visited the Goldberg house during the week after Marc’s death to express their sense of loss at Marc’s departure from their lives.

Marc leaves behind his Mother Denise, Father Neil, Sister Alyssa, Grandmothers Fraydel Kravitz & Carole Goldberg, dozens of Aunts, Uncles and cousins and literally hundreds of friends. Marc was the kind of kid that was loved by everyone with whom he came into contact. His goofy jokes, his easy going smile and his love for just being with people are what defined him as a son, brother, relative and friend to so many.

In memory of Marc’s passing, his parents and his uncle, Randy Goldberg, have formed “MARC’S PROMISE”, a non-profit organization designed to bring awareness to the responsibility of driving and the possible consequences for not making the right decisions behind the wheel.

Even for those who never met Marc, his spirit and love of life, and the nature of his death should serve as a shining example to those young drivers who might otherwise drive too fast or too recklessly.

Marc did not even have a driver’s license. He was in the process of getting his own when this tragedy occurred. He was an innocent passenger in a car going too fast on a road that had already claimed the lives of seven other individuals over the past dozen years, including another young student from Marc’s school, in the very same spot, just three months prior to the crash that claimed Marc’s life.

“Marc’s Promise” is listed below, and driver’s license-sized cards with Marc’s Promise printed on them, will be available through the Marc’s Promise Foundation for Teenage Driving Responsibility in the very near future.

For more information please contact Neil Goldberg, president of Golden Productions and The Marc’s Promise Foundation (Marc’s Dad) at goldenproductions@yahoo.com.

Marc’s Promise


  • Driving carefully
  • Living responsibily
  • Always using seat belts
  • Not abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Thinking about my actions
  • Making the right decisions for me and my friends
  • Using Marc’s spark of life to be the best person I can be
  • Embrace life