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The Five Most Common Party Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a good, successful and enjoyable party is no small feat, and while it may seem as though there isn’t much to it, making a few common mistakes could turn an enjoyable celebration into a less than happy occasion. Steering clear of these common mistakes will ensure that your party is a great time for all.

Lack of Planning

While no one truly wants to do all the heavy lifting of planning a party, it is essential work that has to be done at some point. Party planners can run into trouble if they are classic procrastinators, and leave the work off until right before the party. It is certainly possible to throw together a good celebration in a short amount of time, but counting on yourself to deliver a last minute miracle is a recipe for disaster. Instead, simply lay out of the basics of the party weeks in advance, and brainstorm exactly what you will need to get and when you will get it. Spreading out the work over a larger period of time should help keep you on top of the planning as well.

No List or No RSVP

A big mistake which can throw party planning into disarray is failure to have a list of people invited to the party, or failure to have them RSVP attendance. When inviting people to your party, make a thorough list and examine it before having someone else examine it as well, in order to avoid any hurt feelings. If you forget to invite a friend or family member, they could feel hurt, even if it was simply an honest mistake. Take the time to get it right and invite everyone you want. Additionally, make sure to include on the invitations that they need to RSVP, which can be easy as sending a text. If you plan on inviting, say, 100 people to your event, it is key to know how many plan on showing up. It could be all 100, or it could be 40, and that makes a big difference.

Lack of Entertainment

Ultimately the biggest thing that can kill a party is boredom stemming from a lack of entertainment. Entertainment is subjective and can range from a professional DJ service for a large gathering, or simple board games or fun activities for guests to enjoy. It is up to the party host to determine what activities the group will do, but the key is to have something for the party-goers to enjoy.

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