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Game Show

There is nothing more exciting, nothing that brings people gathered for fun (otherwise known as a party situation) together as a good game. Our fun game show events are the perfect way to excite and entertain your guests at virtually any type of celebration.

Game Show EventsGolden Productions offer an entire array of game shows, utilizing virtually any game show concept that you may be familiar with, or even creating a customized game show for your specific needs.

Golden Productions maintains two game show packages: four-podium “Game Show Mania” set and the all new big screen TV Game Show set.

“Game Show Mania” plays like any “punch button” style game show. Name That Tune, Trivia, Golden Production’s own “Rapid Fire Trivia” and “Team Name That Tune” and more are easily playable on this set. With the four-podium set, anywhere from four to eight people can play simultaneously.

For those events that require individual or two person teams to compete against each other, the flashing lights, score displays and special sound effects are a must. For the smaller group, two podiums can be utilized in a smaller space if space requirements are a factor.

The all new BIG SCREEN game show system allows your party to participate in some of history’s most beloved game shows like the “Fabulous Feud” (more commonly known to the outside world as “Family Feud”), “Spin To Win” (Wheel of Fortune style), “Who Wants To Be A Game Show Maniac” (you guess!), “Deal Or No Deal” and “The Challenge” (Jeopardy Style).

Whichever set you choose, our game shows can come with a large 6′ x 8′ screen or a 4′ x 6′ screen when height and space requirements are an issue. The screen, when not being used as a game board, can be customized with your company name, the name of a game show that has been dreamed up specifically for your event or the name of the event.

Our game show events are personalized and customized for you. Golden Productions is the only game show company in the area to offer this kind of personalized service.

Golden Productions also offer game show events that do not require podiums.

Many well known game shows we have presented in the past include, but are not limited to: The Newlywed Game (or The Not So Newlywed Game), The Dating Game and Minute to Win It, to name just a few.

Our Game Shows can be ordered individually for any event, or may be combined with our other audio services such as DJ’s or Karaoke to enhance the fun of your party and save money at the same time (see our “Triple Play” page).

With over 25 years in the Game Show industry, performing in venues throughout North America, Golden Productions is the true area leader in Game Show events and entertainment.

*Please note these services are not available in Florida