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Fun And Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

wedding reception

Looking for some untraditional and exciting wedding entertainment ideas to liven up your reception? Take a look at our ideas!

Once you’ve hired your professional wedding DJ through Golden Productions, it’s time to think of how you’ll surprise your guests with the most entertaining wedding reception ever. If you don’t want to go the traditional route with the reception, collaborate with your DJ to make the most out of your wedding entertainment!

Additional Entertainers

While a wedding DJ is a must-have for any wedding, the fun doesn’t need to stop there! Hire some other types of performers for your reception to wow your guests and show them a real party. Professional dancers or fire performers add a fantastic extra surprise to any wedding.

Dance Lessons

Even if the DJ is awesome, sometimes it takes a little while for your guests to have the confidence to get on the dance floor. Interactive entertainers are the perfect way to get all guests up and dancing in no time! Have a professional provide a quick dance lesson for everyone, or let professional dancers take over the dance floor before teaching everyone a few signature moves. Your guests are bound to have a great time learning something new, and even those who didn’t think they could dance will be trying the new moves all night.

Honor Your Heritage

After hiring your DJ, talk to them about the type of music you’d like them to play. While you can mix up the genre of songs played throughout the night, it’s always nice to hear a song that honors your heritage and means a lot to your family.

Green Screen Photo Booth

In addition to dancing and music, you can entertain your guests with a photo booth as well. All wedding guests love getting together with their dates and friends to take a few fun photos to remember to evening. A green screen photo booth amps up the fun to another level, as your guests can be in front of any digital image or graphic they’d like. Set up a prop table with funny hats, sunglasses, and signs, and your guests will never be bored!

Make Memories with Golden Productions

Need an awesome DJ at your wedding? Golden Productions has you covered. If you’re interested in booking an MC or DJ for your summer blowout, then call Golden Productions at 410-356-6444. We will set you up with a professional DJ who will ensure that your event or party is a raging success. You can also contact us on our website for all of our karaoke, DJ, and photo booth options as well as our other services at http://goldprousa.com. Don’t wait to book your next event! We can handle a wide variety of events from corporate gatherings to big weddings.

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