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The Three Signs of a Good DJ

djWhen you’re hosting a musical event and want to take it to the next level, a DJ is a good way to enhance the musical celebration. A good DJ can bring a group of people together no matter their individual tastes in music, making them perfect for events such as parties and weddings. However, when looking for a good DJ, it can be hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones.

Here are the three best signs to look for to find out:

The DJ has a refined style

As one would expect in the highly creative and varied world of DJing, different DJs have different styles which can serve to enhance or detract from the celebration or event. A common factor which can separate experienced DJs from amateur or poor DJs is having a set, refined style. Inexperienced DJs haven’t been spinning records long enough to develop a style, much less refine it.

One example of a unique and refined style of DJing is the West Coast style practiced by Golden Productions. The West Coast style focuses on crowd interaction and helps the focus of the event enjoy the proceedings in an elevated manner and involves the whole audience for a memorable night out. While experience doesn’t always equal talent, it helps to have a knowledgeable DJ who understands what to do and has a unique style to them.

The DJ takes requests

 Any DJ worth their salt should take take requests from the audience or group, and a mark of a bad DJ is often refusing to simply listen to the people in attendance of the celebration. Every DJ’s goal should be for the audience to have a fun, enjoyable night, and that means playing the music they want to hear.

Of course, this does not mean blindly taking every request at face value and playing it right away. DJs should have good judgement of the audience and should have consulted with whoever booked them to ensure everyone was on the same page. Especially for events such as wedding receptions, some DJs will even be provided with a do not play list so the music serves the taste of the celebration.

The DJ is energetic

While too much energy might just be downright hard to look at, nothing kills the vibe of a celebration more than a DJ who stands up front with a blank look on their face simply pressing skip and next on their computer. A good DJ should have some energy, they should get up there and move around and hype up the crowd a little bit. If a DJ refuses to do this, not only are they lazy, they’re probably just bad in general.

If you are looking to arrange entertainment or a DJ for your next celebration, look no further than the services offered by Golden Productions. Our group of experienced DJs will get your party started and keep it going for hours with a variety of musical selections sure to please guests. With additional entertainment options such as photo booths, your guests will enjoy a wide variety of exciting options.

For more information or to book Golden Productions for entertainment, feel free to visit our website at or contact us by filling out our contact form or calling us us at (410) 356-6444 for any further questions.

We at Golden Productions look forward to providing you with a superior entertainment experience!

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